We want you as a new recruit!

Kinky Salon is founded on notions of volunteerism, community and participation. And with each event we want to get bigger and better! But we can only do that if we find new ways to bring even more people onto the behind-the-scenes team to contribute their skills, ideas, and time to help create something wonderful!

The following roles offer flexible commitments of time and energy. So if you’re curious at all, we’d love to hear from you. This is also not an exhaustive list – if you ever have something or some way you’d like to add to Kinky Salon, please let us know! But we’re are specifically looking for volunteers interested in:

  • greater time commitment
  • responsibilities continue throughout the year
  • roles do not require working at parties
  • lesser time commitment
  • responsibilities during the month prior to each party
  • may include working during parties



    Are you a clear communicator with a passion for sharing sex positive vibes? Is Facebook like your second home? If so, this is the gig for you! We’re looking for someone to join our comms team to help expand the quality and frequency of our messaging to members. We want our FB group to be a place where we do more than advertise events. We have resources, educational articles, and valuable insights into sex positive, LGBTQ+, poly, and kinky life that we’re dying to share with y’all. But we simply don’t have enough hours in the day, so we need help to make this a reality. This is an ongoing position.


    If you’re a natural-born host who loves to interact with people and make them feel welcome and comfy, then this is the job for you! We see this as an expansion on our usual Walk-around Host job to become, in effect, the person who will manage all of our hosts at each event. You’ll be responsible for helping the core team to set the tone on the floor, helping to recruit the best people for the job, and ensuring the floor is running smoothly and up to your impeccable standards!
    This one’s for the social butterflies among you who love to play! One bit of feedback we keeping get again and again is that it can be hard to meet new people at our parties. People want more ice-breaker activities at the top of the night to help facilitate and foster new connections. We think this is a fantastic idea and we want to start offering these ASAP! But we’ve so far been stretched too thin to make good on it. Are you the one to help us make this a reality? The role would involve planning and coordinating the execution of ice-breaker activities during the pre-Cabaret portion of our parties.