Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteering at Kinky Salon is a great way to meet people and participating gives you that warm squishy feeling of knowing you’re helping out the community you love. Remember: volunteers are the VIPs of Kinky Salon, and without you, the event wouldn’t happen, so THANK YOU.

Volunteer areas include:

  • Production: set up, tear down, transport
  • Welcome Wagon: registration, greeters
  • Party Hosts: walk around hosts, playroom hosts
  • Interactive areas: lead a game or sexy demonstration
  • Creative: decor, photo booth
  • Entertainment: cabaret performer or DJ

In exchange for their time, volunteers will receive either a reduced price or free ticket, depending on the nature of the task.

Interested in getting involved? We’d love to have you! Drop us a line at kinkysalontoronto@gmail.com.