Ticket Price Breakdown

For our next party on February 23, we’re making some changes. We are starting the event at 8pm to increase the total length of the party by one hour, and we are increasing the ticket price from $50 to $55. We’re also making some changes to the entry, registration, and orientation process to make the top of the night run more smoothly for everyone. These changes come in response to guest feedback, and we hope they will improve people’s experience.

The $5 increase is a way to consolidate costs that were previously separate (tickets, mandatory coat check, towel rental) into one total price. Most guests will actually save a few bucks. Here’s how:


  • Ticket = $50
  • Coat check = $3
  • Towel rental = $3-$4 (depending on pre-order or rent at venue)
  • TOTAL = $56-$57


  • Ticket = $55
  • Coat check = $0
  • Towel Rental = $0
  • TOTAL = $55

And whether you choose to take advantage of the towels or not, these changes still mean:

  • You don’t have to worry about carrying cash
  • Coat check and entry into the event will be faster without cash transactions
  • Towels will be available at the entryway to play spaces rather than at coat check, for those who want them
  • There’s no pressure to decide if you’re going to need a towel in advance
  • An extra hour of time added to the party


We never want price to be a barrier to attend our parties. Our usual offerings of reduced-price access and volunteer tickets are still in effect. All info can be found on our main ticket page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us.

We look forward to your feedback after this event to see what you think of this new process.