How To Make The Most of Kinky Salon

Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your participation in Kinky Salon Toronto.

TIP 1: Above all else, make sure you and everyone in your group read the our Code of Conduct, the Playroom Sweetheart guide and the FAQ. These guidelines are designed to protect the well-being of all guests and we expect everyone to abide by them. We will be testing!

TIP 2: Be sure to wear a ridiculous costume. Dressing-up puts the emphasis on imagination and fun rather than money or designer threads. If you’re in need of ideas check our theme suggestions.

TIP 3: Consider bringing things to give away to people you meet – silly gifts / toys / stickers / candy etcetera – as it’s a great excuse to engage with other guests!

TIP 4: Come up with some “schtick” to go along with your outfit. For example you can pose as a character with a made-up name and silly identity. Or you can create a costume that people can interact with in some way, like a puppet or a costume that people can draw on. Or you can bring along a questionnaire or quiz that other guests can help with.

TIP 5: Try not to come with any preset agenda. There is never any pressure to “do” anything at the party. We recommend you come with “playfulness” in mind rather than whether you may or may not “play” with anyone. Lots of people come to the party purely to dress up, watch the cabaret and dance. If this is your first time, we recommend setting yourself some strong initial boundaries as it can help to take off the pressure and reduce expectations. Remember that there will always be another Kinky Salon in a few months!

TIP 6: Whether you’re coming with a friend, a group or a partner, spend some time talking with them in advance about what you hope to get out of Kinky Salon. Agree some ground rules – for example, what kinds of experiences are you looking for? How much time should you spend together or apart? How do you check in to ensure your friend is okay? How do you signal if you need their attention or want to leave? Please arrive with your PAL(s) and leave with them as you are responsible for their behaviour all night.

TIP 7: Treat everyone with the utmost regard. Avoid remarks or behaviour that might come across as sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist or otherwise disrespectful. Don’t assume that everyone shares the same outlook / experience / orientation / identity as you. This goes for gender, too: rather than assuming someone’s gender, wait for their signal. Unlike some parties, Kinky Salon welcomes and encourages all guests to interact and play with each other whatever their gender or sexuality might be. All spaces, including the bathrooms, are equally open to all guests.

TIP 8: Speak up! If you see bad behaviour or an infringement of the code of conduct, don’t be afraid to mention it to the person concerned. Or in the case of a serious problem feel free to approach one of the crew, who wear red armbands throughout the night. It’s far easier for us to address a problem on the night than after the event. The approach we take is one of mediation, so we won’t “cause a scene” if you report an issue to us. And if there’s something going on at the party you don’t like – such as the temperature being too hot/too cold or the volume of the music being too loud, approach someone with a red armband. Don’t just grin and bear it!