Before buying a ticket and coming to one of our parties, all guests are expected to familiarize themselves with the following guide to the practical details of our events:

  • This is a private party for members of Kinky Salon Toronto. All guests and their PALs must be registered members of Kinky Salon Toronto. Once you’ve chosen a PAL and purchased your tickets, make sure your PAL applies to become a member, as non-members will not be admitted at the door. And if your PAL can’t get in… you can’t either.
  • No unattended singles allowed.All guests must arrive with their PAL(s), and we strongly recommend leaving with your PAL(s). Make sure you fully understand how our PAL System works.
  • Dress code in effect. This is a playful, sexy costume party. No street clothes allowed. We will turn you away at the door if you’re not in costume or haven’t made an effort. But don’t worry! We have plenty suggestions above
  • No tickets at the door. A limited number of tickets will be available for advance purchase only. Tickets are nonrefundable. You will be asked for your name and your PAL’s name(s) at time of purchase. Tickets can only be transferred (e.g. your PAL drops out and you find a new one) by consulting directly with Kinky Salon Toronto in advance.
  • Alcoholic drinks will be available by drink ticket pre-sale only and will NOT be available for purchase on the night of the event. Some folks like a drink at a party to help them loosen up, others prefer no alcohol, especially in spaces involving sex and consent. Both are valid choices and we want to give space for people’s autonomy, as well as signal that alcohol isn’t a necessity at our parties. The night of the event, the bar will be paperless and cashless. Simply go to the bar, give the bartender your name, and they will deduct the appropriate credit from your tab. No additional alcoholic drinks will be sold at the event. You are only entitled to what you’ve pre-purchased, so plan accordingly. Any unused drinks at the end of the night can be carried over for use at a future event. A full selection of soft drinks and light snacks will be available at a separate cash bar.
  • Monitor your intoxication. Please enjoy yourself at our party, but monitor your intoxication. If you get too intoxicated, you will be asked to leave. Illegal drugs are not permitted at Kinky Salon. Drugs have never been a part of Kinky Salon culture and our anti-intoxication standpoint is written into the agreements you read every time you walk in the door. It isn’t because we’re party poopers. Quite the opposite! We want you to have the best time possible. Exploring a Kinky Salon is more fun when you’re not impaired, are better aware of boundaries (for both yourself and others), and you’ll be able to connect more authentically with the community. Intoxicated people at Kinky Salon put a strain on volunteers and ruin the vibe of the party. Don’t be that person. Don’t let your PAL be that person.
  • Venue information and accessibility: The venue is located central-west, a short walk from the nearest subway. Address and directions will be provided via email to ticket holders the week of the event. A smoking area is available in an alley outside the venue. There is no ATM on site. The main entrance is 5 steps up from street level. Once inside, the entire event takes place on the main floor. The washrooms are gender neutral and step free. Please contact us if you have any accessibility needs or questions.
  • The doors will be open between 8PM and 9PM only. Please arrive during this time to ensure entry. After 9PM the doors will be locked and the fun will begin! No late entries allowed, as your hosts want to be able to join the party too!
  • Use of towels in play spaces is a must. This is basic health and safety people! Nobody wants to step, lie, or canoodle in someone else’s puddle! To keep our sexy areas dry, clean, and comfy for ALL guests, when using our playrooms you MUST first lay down a towel (or a few, if you tend to get real wet or sweaty). Our playroom hosts will be checking for towels in the playroom and they will interrupt your playtime to ask you to fetch one if you aren’t using a towel. So let’s just save everyone the trouble and be diligent, shall we? Towels are available outside each of our play spaces. You’re also welcome to bring you own.
  • Coat check and limited changing space is available. A coat check and a limited amount of storage space will be available to store your personal belongings, included in your ticket price. This area will be staffed. Please limit the amount of personal belongings you bring and leave your valuables at home.
  • No cell phones or photography allowed. Kinky Salon parties are cell phone and camera free zones. Go play. Be yourself. Be silly. We’re not collecting evidence! Our photo booth is an optional activity. We will not share your photos without your consent. Keep your phone stashed. If you need to use your phone, take it outside. That means calls, texting, social networking… ANY use of your phone is prohibited. Guests found using their cell phones at the party will be asked to leave, no exceptions.
  • Nudity and sexual activity will take place at this event.The goal of Kinky Salon is to create a space where people can feel free to express themselves however they like, including sexual expression. So you are likely to witness nudity on display and there will be sexual acts occurring on premise. There is never an expectation for any guest to participate, and sexual activity is confined to our play spaces, which are cordoned off from the main dance floor and social spaces. So if that’s not your thing, it doesn’t have to be. You can still rock out in our social and dance areas. But, you know… we don’t want you to be caught by surprise or anything!
  • All guests must read and agree to Our Code of Conduct.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our next party. Have a questions not answered here? Drop us a line at toronto@kinkysalon.com.