MAY 4, 2019: “Mounting Olympus”

Saturday May 4th from 8PM until 3AM
Strict entry between 8-9PM
Secret downtown venue, 19+

We summon all nymphs and muses, heroes and titans, satyrs and centaurs to join us for a gleeful gathering beyond the realm of mere mortals!

The gods of antiquity are uniting for a celebration of love and pansexual pleasure and they’re inviting all of us — human and creature alike — to join them in their garden of divine delights: a fanciful land where all may open their hearts to Cupid’s arrow and where no one need Apollo-gize for enjoying some good ol’ fashioned Dionysian decadence. It’s bound to be a night of truly mythic proportions that will leave you moaning “Hercu-puh-lease!”

  • A saucy cabaret performance that is sure to tickle your fancy
  • A hot n’ heavy dance floor for two steppin’
  • Play areas for horizontal socializing, private makeout nooks, comfy plounge, and chill areas for canoodling and conversation
  • Interactive activities for connecting with friends old and new
  • A bar serving your favourite libations (in moderation)
  • And, of course, our all-star team of Kinky Salon hosts n’ hostesses with the mostesses!

This is a playful, sexy costume party. No street clothes allowed. We will turn you away at the door if you’re not in costume or haven’t made an effort. But don’t worry! Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:

Jason and the Orgy-nauts, Achilles in Heels, Xena: Hornier Princess, Frisky Fauns, Glamourous Gorgons, Sultry Sirens, Orgasmic Olympians, Sexy Centaurs, Mighty Minotaurs, Hunky Hercs, Mesmerizing Muses, Androgynous Adonises and Amazons, Slash Fic of the Titans, The Lost Titty of Atlantis, tantalizing togas and all things ancient and mythological! Sexy costumes and lingerie are always welcome!“Dress-to-undress” may also be a great strategy. 😉

Check out our Pinterest board to get your creative juices flowing!
Read our costume dos and don’ts for advice on creating a stellar get up!

Accessibility: our venue is, unfortunately, only partially accessible. Stepless entry and ground floor washrooms are available, but washrooms are not wheelchair accessible.