We’d love for you to join us!

Kinky Salon is an inclusive community. We run large members-based parties a few times a year. We also run casual Socials throughout the year to build our community and as a way for anyone interested in Kinky Salon to find out more about us.

Our Parties:

Kinky Salon Toronto is a community of friends and friends-of-friends. Which is another way of saying we like to know everyone who comes out to our events, and we want you to have the chance to know us too! 

If you’ve never been to one of our parties before, you’ll need to do at least ONE of the following to attend your first event:

  1. Attend as the PAL of an existing member: Your member-friend can bring you along to your first party as their PAL/guest. After attending your first event with them you will be eligible to bring your own PAL(s)/guest(s) to future parties.
  2. Attend a Social before the party to meet the Core Team: A great way for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you, before anyone’s clothes come off! After meeting us at a Social you’ll be eligible to attend a party without a member-friend having to bring you. You’ll also be free to bring along your own PAL(s)/guest(s) with you.

Regardless of which option you choose above, every guest planning to attend must register as a member of Kinky Salon Toronto before arrival at their first party. 

We never judge registration forms based on looks, body type, sexuality or ability. Our sign-up process is about creating accountability. It is also a requirement for maintaining a private event like ours. Anyone arriving at the door who hasn’t pre-registered cannot be let in.

Registration is a one-off process. After submitting your form before your first party you do not need to resubmit for future parties. Please make sure you read our Core Values, our Code of Conduct and the PAL System before you sign up. If you like what you see then follow the link below to join our ranks!




Our Socials:

If you’ve just registered for Kinky Salon Toronto, of if you’re simply curious and you would like to know a bit more about us before signing up… we’d love for you to come out to meet us at a Social!

Check our event listings on the right for all our confirmed upcoming dates. Then claim your free ticket from the event page to get yourself on the guest list. Simple as that!

Socials are free to attend, but they are still ticketed events. All attendees (whether newcomers or existing members) must RVSP in advance – by claiming a free ticket – so that we know who’s coming. Walk-ins off the street will be turned away.