We’d love for you to join us!

Kinky Salon is an inclusive community. Although every member must be registered, we don’t judge applications based on looks, body type, sexuality or ability. Please make sure you read our Core Values, our Code of Conduct and the PAL System before you apply to be sure we are all on the same page. If you like what you see then fill out the form below to join our ranks!

Kinky Salon Toronto is community of friends and friends-of-friends. As such, we have three ways for you to join us at one of our parties:

  1. By direct invite: What it says on the tin – we already know you and one of our core team has asked you to sign up.
  2. As the PAL of an existing member: Your member friend will vouch for you by bringing you along to a party as their PAL/guest. After attending your first event with them you will be eligible to attend future parties as a full member, free to bring your own PAL(s).
  3. By attending one of our Socials: A great way for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you before anyone’s clothes come off! After attending a Social you will be eligible to attend a party as a full member, free to bring your own PAL(s).

Please note that we do not respond to applications that don’t include an image. The photo is for the purposes of accountability within our community so we can recognize everyone at our events. The photo is kept completely confidential.

You can upload images to sites like FlickrImgurYFrogImageshack. Please do NOT paste in a direct link to a Facebook photo as it won’t work if your profile is private. If you have your photo on your public Facebook profile you can give us your main Facebook URL. Alternatively you can email us your photo and mention that you have done so on the form. We just need a clear photo of your face, no sunglasses, and nothing NSFW!


(If linking to a Facebook photo, please link us to your profile itself and make sure the privacy setting on the photo is set to public)
(If the answer's "yes", it's easiest for us to find you if you use the same email above as you use with your FB profile)
(We won't hold it against you if you say no... just looking for willing hands where we can get 'em!)
The Kinky Salon Code of Conduct was created by the community and states our intention and our standards. You must select I Agree to gain access to the Magic Kingdom:

- I Will Contribute When And Where I Can
- I Will Be Creative About How I Dress
- I Will State My Boundaries
- I Will Play Safely And Consensually
- I Will Have Sensible Safe Sex Practices
- I Will Respect Our Space And Other Guests
- I Will Clean Up After Myself
- I Won't Linger Unaccompanied In Play Spaces
- I Won't Cruise Aggressively (Even If They Are Really Cute)
- I Won't Get Too Intoxicated
- I Won't Take Photographs
- I Won't Use My Cellphone
- I Won't Gossip About What Goes On Here