Our goal is to function in a framework of Transformative Justice – we want to encourage our community, as a whole, to be better. That means caring about individuals, too. We ask that people who bring concerns to us consider what they would like to see happen. Ultimately, healing and accountability look very different to different people, and we have no interest in acting as “law enforcement” or assuming we know how to heal somebody’s hurt. If something is bothering you but you keep justifying it to yourself as being trivial, please strongly consider letting us know. 

Eg.  We may receive a report where a person reporting has witnessed behaviour outside of our event that made them uncomfortable. They simply want us to be aware in case we receive other reports about that person.

Other times, they simply want the person made aware that their actions are making people uncomfortable, but weren’t comfortable confronting them personally. These reports also allow us to better consider and direct our policy – to know if there are things we should be communicating to the community to help make our spaces as comfortable as possible.