A lil bit about us

Founded in San Francisco in 2003, Kinky Salon has grown to a worldwide family of events with communities all over the world. Each city is run by a self managing and autonomous team. For more details about where we came from you can visit the website of the original Kinky Salon.

Kinky Salon Toronto was founded in 2017 by a fearless crew of sex positive adventurers looking to bring a lil bit o’ magic to our fabulous city.

Kinky Salon provides a safe space for people of all persuasions to explore their sexuality without fear of judgment. The space we have created is designed to be an oasis, where people can feel completely at ease. It is a rare alternative to sex clubs, which can often be intimidating or impersonal. We support creativity, personal growth, and deepening of community connection as essential counterparts to sensual and sexual exploration. We are queer friendly, body positive, accessible and inclusive.

Our Core Values

Humour is a vital component of every creative element of Kinky Salon. The cabaret is funny. Costumes are ridiculous. The music is upbeat and fun. The décor is colourful and silly. We combine all those factors to create a playful environment that is less intimidating and friendlier than most sex spaces.

We use three basic strategies to create safety at Kinky Salon: the PAL System, the Code of Conduct, and Walkaround Hosts.

The PAL System requires that every guest arrives and leaves with someone and that they are responsible for that person while they’re at the party. They don’t have to be a date or any particular gender.

The Charter contains the list of dos and don’ts that we post at the door and read out to every attendee, so everyone knows what behaviour is expected. We use volunteers to keep an eye on things and make sure these standards are maintained. We aren’t shy about ejecting people who don’t play by the rules.

Walkaround Hosts are the eyes and the ears of the party. During the event they mingle with the crowd, check on the different spaces, and make sure the event is going smoothly.

We don’t judge potential guests on looks, age, or sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome at Kinky Salon. We welcome folks of all sexual orientations, gender expressions, abilities, body types, and racial identities/ethnicities. We are queer friendly, body positive and our entry policy is one big YES. Some of our events require you to fill out a registration form in advance, but they’re there to put you in the right mindset for the event and to help us maintain accountability, not to judge you.

Every event has a theme to pique the imagination of the community. We value homemade, hot glued, janky costumes over fancy store-bought ones. Costumes give every guest the opportunity to be creative.  The cabaret, interactive performances, and decor allow us to showcase the creativity of the community, and it all reflects the theme of the event. Even the music the DJ plays is thematic.

Kinky Salon is built on volunteerism and collaboration. Rather than being a product created for consumption, it’s an invitation to participate. The community continues between events with social networking and gatherings. The events are not created for individual financial gain. Party proceeds are reinvested into the community to make future events better!

As a global community, we advocate the liberation of sexuality, not just as a hedonistic pursuit, but also as a means of furthering progressive culture. We understand the complexities of the world we live in, and we strive to be most excellent in all our interactions.

Sexuality is integrated into the social fabric of the community. At the parties, there are play spaces for getting sexually adventurous, but there’s no pressure to participate. There’s also plenty of space for flirting and socializing. But progressive sexuality isn’t just about having sex at parties. It also means understanding the cultural landscape of sex, and supporting the significant changes happening in our society. To us, that means using our events and our presence as a platform to promote progressive sexuality ideas and values in the wider Toronto community.